a new blog. like we didn’t have enough web content already.

Yep. I’ve started a new blog. Here is my old one in case you happen to care: http://frequencytheater.wordpress.com/

It was much more about my old band. We took it out back and shot it in the head. I started a new band. Well, it’s mostly just me with a guitar. I have a few friends who help me out with it from time to time. You could check it out here, if you care to: https://www.facebook.com/NathanButler.Musician

I also have an Instagram. I’m kind of obsessed with Instagram. I try to only take artistic photos with it… hopefully you won’t see too many pictures in there of me at family reunions. It’s here: http://web.stagram.com/n/freqnate

I have a few rules about this blog.

I will comment on whatever I damn well please. I am a commentator. My friend Christa told me so. I think it’s because I was talking too much, early in the morning on the way to the airport one time. We were using walkie-talkies.

I will do my best not to censor my self, but be decent and respectful (mostly). Unless you do something really stupid.

I will do my best to talk about what ever is lovely, beautiful, and of good report. Even though I like to bitch about things. A lot.

I will talk about religion and politics.

I will talk about music gear.

I will talk about how I think most people are still the age of 2.

I will also talk about how it’s a shame that John Deere had to go ruin dandelions and grass.

I will tell you about the things that amaze me and fill me with wonder. Or make me laugh. They are usually my friends.

On that note: be sure to check out my friend Darin. I mean check out his blog. He is a stud, but seriously – he’s happily married.

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